in der Mikrowelle machen, heiß und salzig, (die Butter verkneif´ ich mir) und dann einen Film mit Tom Hanks sehen. Das nenne ich einen perfekten Abend.

5 Gedanken zu „Popcorn

  1. Young Tom Hanks, or old Tom Hanks? That would affect the quality of the evening slightly for me. But popcorn sounds awesome right now. Why do you make me hungry right before bed? 😉

    • If he knocks at my door I would welcome Mr. Hanks in any age or appearance he prefers in the moment. He isn´t the knock out good looking guy (yawn, who want that) but, wow, he has FLAIR.

  2. Wie kommen zwei Dinosaurier-Wirbelkörper und der Kopf einer Osterinsel-Statue zu Dir? Das Popcorn wirkt bei mir die Phantasie anregend……

  3. Oh, I like all his stuff too. The films and his acting definitely got better as he got older. But of course I prefer his younger, Dani-er looks. „Big“ was my favorite – I went to see that five times in the theater when it came out. 🙂

    I also like a little-known film of his called „Every Time We Say Goodbye“ from 1986, for reasons that would be fairly obvious if you saw it. Have you?

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